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Anthony Robbins quote

"If you always do what you've always done, then you'll always get what you've already got."

Who can give real added value in a company?
. The PERSONS who are part of it. In a company we can have the best visibility on the market, we can have clear and defined processes, we can have effective tools.
However, if we do not have harmony and the right motivation among the people who make up the company, we will always have results that fall short of the real capacity of the structure. If we give a person a sense of belonging, the possibility of expressing themselves, if we manage to make them understand a concrete prospect of personal growth, they will certainly be more motivated. A person with more skills has more tools to handle any situation.
. Our concept in this area is to go beyond simple training courses. We apply the theoretical part to the practical part, inspired by your real situation.
From knowledge to know-how. The aim is always to produce a concrete result by giving you more tools and a new mindset to face your challenges.

We are specialized in Training and Coaching in the areas of Life and Business.
In line with our vision, the CIP (Continual Improvement Process), we believe that training on "HARD" and "SOFT" skills and having the techniques on how to do it, is a fortunately continuous cycle that keeps us alive and vital.

Hard Skills:

The considerable expertise of our consultants enables us to deliver courses in both the Information & Communication Technology and organisational fields, always focusing on the client's areas of improvement. The main topics on which we develop our training courses:

COACHING (how to get to know each other and achieve goals)
Process & Service Management (es. ITIL, CBPA, ISO)
SAP R/3, Datawarehouse ( es. Microstrategy, MIS Alea, Oracle, Procos, Cognos)
Sicurezza informatica ( normativa e tecnica)
Sistemistica avanzata (DevOps, Microsoft, Unix, Linux Redhat-SuSe)
Agile Method ( SCRUM, LeanKanban, XP, TDD e BDD)

Soft Skills:

All the managerial, entrepreneurial and personal skills that are essential for success in business and in life.

Knowing how to communicate with others, knowing how to speak in public, knowing how to empathise, optimising time management, managing emotions and conflicts (internal and external) in the best possible way, knowing how to coordinate one's collaborators in the best possible way, stimulating team building, negotiating effectively, knowing how to ignite the engine of motivation, increasing sales skills, knowing how to define objectives that can be defined as such.

We carry out these activities essentially on the basis of the following 3 pillars:

COACHING (how to get to know each other and achieve goals)
PNL (Programmazione Neuro Linguistica) o in inglese NLP (how to communicate)
Intelligenza Emotiva o, in inglese, E.I.(how to manage emotions).

In all our training courses you will be accompanied by several coaches and trainers who will design your tailor-made training project together with you.

We do everything we can to coach and train your resources to the best of our ability, but if you are not 100% satisfied with one of your key people, we can help you find an alternative or support them with a professional to help them.

Sectors in which we work in Talent Scouting: Manager/ Project Manager - Information Technology - Process & Business Analysts - Sales/Commercial - Marketing.
We assess professionals both from a psycho-aptitude point of view and from the point of view of the technical skills required, although for this last check we always prefer it to be carried out by the client, who certainly has a more precise vision of his real needs.

In today's competitive environment, your staff must necessarily be made up of people who can and want to add value.

We are specialized in Training/Coaching in the areas of Life and Business.

We train resources in both Hard Skills and Soft Skills.

We structure a tailor-made training project together with the company


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